It's Thotumn Brat's!

Since hot girl summer wasn't all that, it's now THOTUMN! 

Thotumn means whatever applies in hot girl summer, applies now even though the seasons have changed

PLEASE get you a sneaky link, a lil "yeah", a boo thang or whatever it is that you prefer because baby when these cold autumn nights start to kick in, you do NOT want to be alone babe!

So do me a favor, get your roster ready, get those outfits ready cause we're outside!

Not only is it Thotumn, it's homecoming season

For those who don't know what homecoming is, it's a week of festivies planned by your school SGA or CAB for your entire school and it's entire alumni to have a blast! There are no rules for homecoming except watch yourself on those plots especially if you aren't apart of that organization

Anyways girl, pull out the uggs, timbs, hoodies, leather jackets, dad hats and most important your minks!

What would Thotumn be without your minks especially from Bratsway!

Your lashes won't be the only thing keeping you warm this Thotumn so get your shit together NOW!